ESG Investing: Are there opportunities in sustainability?

The asset management industry plays an increasingly important role in society, including making the financial system more sustainable, with the prospect of superior risk management and ample investment opportunities, more organizational investors are gearing up for sustainable investing as a new investment discipline. As an example, yet even with all the standardisation in the world, investors will still have different priorities when it comes to sustainable investing.

Responsible ESG

Esg investing is a growing category of investment choices that blend environmental, social, and governance factors into traditional investment evaluations, sustainability investing continues to grow in popularity, but the lack of standardization in sustainability reporting poses a challenge for investors wishing to maximize the social responsibility, and minimize the social damage, of their investments, thus, younger investors are more conscientious of being socially responsible in the market.

Legal Investment

Unique opportunities to influence the sustainability of infrastructure through direct ownership and stewardship of assets, ultimately, sustainability is about managing risk and delivering strong investment returns for the long term. But also, increasingly, there is an inter-relationship between sustainability and legal expectations.

Corporate Sustainability

Responsible investment opportunities are now viewed as more likely to be sustainable in terms of profitability, as more myths around sustainable investing get busted, savvy investors are starting to look for businesses that embrace sustainability as part of corporate strategy .

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